Summer Reading 2016 has come to an end!!!

The Lake Elmo Public Library Summer Reading Program staff  wishes to thank everyone who contributed to giving the kids a great summer experience.  We are grateful for support from the Lake Elmo Jaycees, Gorman’s Restaurant, Hagberg’s Country Market, Twin Point Bar and Grill, and PowerUp.  The 18 volunteer teens who were so pivotal to the success of the program earned Certificates of Service.

Scroll through past Summer Reading weekly events below:

Week 1 of Summer Reading – June 8: Comic Magician Norm

teenagers - Summer reading program

The teen volunteers in their green “Ready, Set, Read” shirts are, from left: Mairin Torgerson, Zoe Mentz, Emma Weber, Annissa Hamblin, Ryan Olds, Andrew Weber and Angelina Vang.

They told the children about the Olympic rings, continents, and values as they introduced the programs they will be leading this summer. Ryan Olds lit the Olympic torch and read the Olympic creed. The “Olympic” theme for the summer program emphasizes teamwork, games, and activity and health in addition to reading.


teenage volunteers relay team

Volunteer Anna Duerr is asking the relay participants to list kinds of library books and activities for children at the library.


Magic Norm 16

The Kick off for the Lake Elmo Public Library Summer Reading Program started with a funny magician and a group of teen volunteers who will be working with the young readers all summer.

Kadence Bergum is one of the children picked from the audience by Magician Norm to help with a magic trick.


Week 2 of Summer Reading – June 15: PowerUp

DSCF5049 DSCF5062

Left: PowerUp explains how to power your plate for sports with fruits and veggies, and how to avoid the sugar crash.

Right: Attendees decorate water bottles and vote for their favorite veggies.


DSCF5069 DSCF5074

Left: Olympic relay teams hunt for ingredients to make a library book sandwich.

Right: One of the winning library book sandwiches was created by Kadence Bergum and Tim Weber, and was enjoyed by Ryan Olds.


Week 3 of Summer Reading – June 22: Motion Commotion

Teen volunteers Elizabeth Blair and Abby Anderbrhan led the participants as they kicked off their session with yoga poses such as candlestick, warrior, and boat.  Action continued with other nursery rhyme commotion.


IMG_0333 IMG_0328

Left: Will Humpty Dumpty float? was a science experiment led by Anna Duer and Yenja Xiong.

Right: BaaBaa Black Sheep Puppets, were crafted under the leadership of Angelina Vang.

The weekly relay was a challenging Jack and Jill ring toss. Check the library window for winners.


Week 4 of Summer Reading – June 29: Science of Sports

Teen volunteers Megan Schmiechen and Dot Chislett led the participants about the science and technology behind the sports they love – and have fun doing it.

IMG_0341 IMG_0347 IMG_0338

Left: Pipe cleaner figures on a craft stick replicate balancing on a snowboard.

Center: An ice cube and a knife were used to gauge pressure when skating on thin ice.

Right: Folded circles of paper were used to make a 3-D ball to test air resistance.

The weekly relay was soccer shoot; winners were urged to compete in a local contest on July 10.


Week 5 of Summer Reading – July 6: Dizzy Fantastic and Her Flying Bicycle

Author Andy Hueller shared that writing is magical and messy, but it is TOTALLY worth it.

IMG_5112 IMG_0242 IMG_5116

Left: Andy watches as Brianne Johnson and Rachel Schulz explain writing LEPL’s longest story.

Center: Andy gets technical assistance from Laura Schulz, Anna Duerr, and Yenja Xiong.

Right: Kadence Bergum won Andy’s book, Dizzy Fantastic and Her Flying Bicycle. Also learning about Andy’s other books are Angelina Vang, Elly Blair, and Abby Andebrhan.

DSCF5117 DSCF5112 DSCF5109

Left/Center: Teams competed in the relay game, Jenga, which involves taking turns removing one block from the tower and stacking it on the top.

Right: The Tenpas family was creative in building their version of a flying bicycle.


Week 6 of Summer Reading – July 13: Rosewood Puppets presents Bully Gator Gruff.

It was an interactive, whimsical tale full of toe-tapping music and colorful characters.  Jasper the Rabbit taught the children ways to cope, understand and resolve a confrontation with a bully.


IMG_0259   IMG_0258

Heidi, Ella Rose, Brady                                                   Helena, Caleb, Kadence


IMG_0265   IMG_0262

Sienna, Kasey, Mattingly                                                Hans, Isaac, Eli, Giselle


Week 7 of Summer Reading – July 20: Out of the ordinary

Teen volunteers Natalie Peterson, Annissa Hamblin and Grace Strom led the participants in exploring outrageous activities including free-falling egg drop and color run experiments.  We boarded an airplane and upon landing built record-breaking pencil towers, LEGO structures and paper airplanes. In the LEGO Marathon Mile teams had the chance to hop and skip to the finish line.

IMG_4571  IMG_4573  IMG_4596

Left: Volunteers Abby and Kadence presenting a short puppet show with Bully Gator Gruff and Jasper the Rabbit.

Center: Volunteer Elly leading Flight 7 with an airplane story.

Right: Volunteer Grace demonstrating the color run for Quinten.


IMG_4600  IMG_4603  IMG_4606

Left: Volunteer Brianne helping Heidi build a pencil tower.

Center: Abram and Charlie building a LEGO structure.

Right: Isaac and Eli designing a LEGO robot.


IMG_4610  IMG_4616  IMG_4623 (1)

Left: Volunteers Andrew and Dot helping Sienna build a record-breaking paper airplane. Retired pilot Bob judges flight for distance and height.

Center: Volunteers Annissa and Natalie preparing raw eggs for the free-falling egg drop.

Right: Volunteer Steve with Mattingly, Kasey, and Sienna building pencil towers.


Week 8 of Summer Reading – July 27: Movie MIRACLE

The true story behind the greatest moment in sports history.  The film focuses on what coach Herb Brooks does, and how, and why as the USA Olympic team faces off against the Soviet Union in 1980.  The movie capitalizes on team dynamics and shows the impossible was possible

IMG_4639  IMG_4680  IMG_4645

Left:  Teen volunteers Ryan, Elly and Abby compete in the Olympic Ring Toss by throwing rings onto the legs of a stool.

Center:  Quinten, Chase, Elly, Kadence and Abby get inspired as they see a united nation with a new feeling of hope. The team practices integrity over ego.

Right: Teen volunteers Brianne, Angelina and Rachel prepare to toss a hula hoop onto the legs of a stool in the Olympic Ring Toss.


Week 9 of Summer Reading – August 3: Fueling your engine

Teen volunteers Zoe Mentz and Mairin Torgerson guided participants in celebrating healthy living.  A lesson on table etiquette included use of napkins and silverware plus topics for conversation.  Five new cookbooks for kids with fun recipes are available to checkout at Lake Elmo Public Library.

File_004  File_002(2) File_007

Left: Volunteer Laura explains allergies and intolerances to favorite foods to Tim and Kadence.
Center:  Volunteer Zoe shares Andy Warhol art to inspire children to color soup cans so they ‘pop’!
Right:  Volunteer Mairin sets up soup bowling for Blake, Hayden, and Hans

File_003  File_002  File_000

Left:  Charlie, Hans and Heidi color plates for Loops on my Plate as volunteers Zoe and Laura explain the five food groups.
Center:  Tim and Kadence challenge volunteers Abby, Ryan and Angelina in a game of Sandwich Stack-o-Rama.
Right:  Volunteer Rachel and Charlie compete in the egg and spoon relay; they placed 2nd.


Week 10 of Summer Reading – August 10:  When and where, then and there

Teen volunteers Brianne Johnson and Rachel Schulz showed us that throughout history, sports and games have kept people entertained and connected to one another.  Participants focused on playing hopscotch in the fifties to tracking performance of Minnesotans at RIO16.


IMG_5017  IMG_5022

Left:  Volunteers and participants learn an African dance together.

Right:  Volunteer Elly shows Kadence, Abby, and Ryan how to make Chinese drums for celebrating the Year of the Monkey, 2016.


IMG_5018  IMG_5019

Left: Volunteer Abby shows Addie, Kadence, and Abram how to make paper plate kangaroos.

Right:  Volunteer Ryan plays mancala with Abram; the game has been played in Egypt since ancient times.


Relay competition had us racing around the globe.  Our route was hopping thru Australia, balancing on The Great Wall of China, carrying a package on our head across Africa and hurling a ball inside a suspended hoop in Brazil at RIO16.

Week 11 of Summer Reading – August 17: Library Olympics Games Celebration

What has the attention of these children at the final summer reading event?  The volunteers are presenting summaries of each chapter written for the World’s Longest Story about Lake Elmo.  One suggestion for the title of each of the 10 chapters  was submitted by each group.  The judges in the background made the final selections for the chapter titles and each winner received a book light.  Finally, everyone got to enter ideas for the book title, which was ultimately chosen by judges.

Come to Lake Elmo Public Library to learn more!

summer read 2


IMG_5041  IMG_5060  IMG_5063

Left:  Teen volunteers Ryan, Laura, and Anna prepared a slideshow with pictures from the Summer Reading Program.

Center:  Abram, Melanie, and Volunteer Rachel play a card game called Baloney Sandwich.

Right:  Volunteers Brianne and Abby play Apples to Apples with Sienna, Kasey, and Mattingly.

IMG_5064  IMG_5065  IMG_5067
Left: Volunteers Nathan and Ryan play Mastermind with Gavin and Quinten.

Center:  Addie and Morgan play Battleship.

Right:  Volunteers Annissa and Natalie play Sorry! with Caleb, Nolan, Darby, and Hallie.

IMG_5075  IMG_5080

Left: Tim selects a book as a prize for participating in the Summer Reading Program.

Right: Volunteer Ryan presents the #1 Library Olympic Relay prize – MN Science Museum tickets – to Kasey, Mattingly, and Sienna of Team Lake Elmo Elementary.


Olympic Creed

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games

is not to win but to take part,

just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph,

but the struggle.

The essential thing is not to have conquered,

but to have fought well.”